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Preorder 1/4 Bison Fall 2023 (Deposit)
  • Preorder 1/4 Bison Fall 2023 (Deposit)


    A 1/4 Bison share will typically be about 90-100 lbs of meat in your freezer. (Approx price $900 + $125 processing = $1025)*


    Your (nonrefundable) deposit ensures your 1/4 bison reservation. (Deposit will be applied to your meat purchase.) Reservations will be filled in the order they are received.


    Pricing on 1/4 bison shares is $5.50/lb HHW. You can expect a 1/4 Bison to hang at about 165 lbs (weights will vary!), or about $907.50


    Processing costs will be about $150 (payable to the locker).


    Your total purchase (in late November) will total approx $1025, or about $11/lb (pricing will vary, but $11/lb in your freezer will be close!) 



    *Live animal weights will vary. Your price will be based on the HHW (determined by the processor) of your particular animal.


      A Whole Bison will provide about 360# of meat.

      Purchasing a 1/4 Bison means you will receive an equal share of all of the cuts that particular bison produces totalling approx 90#. 

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