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Portion Pricing Details


Portion Pricing- The Ranch

Pricing for portions is based on the specific animal.

Price is based on the "Hot Hanging Weight" of the animal, which is determined at the processor. "HHW" is the weight after it has been butchered, but before it has been deboned and cut into steaks, roasts, etc.

While the HHW determines your price, it is NOT the amount of meat you will have in your freezer.

  The butcher charges for processing per pound based on the HHW, so we base our price on it as well.*

Our prices for portions are:

$5.00/lb HHW WHOLE Bison purchase

$5.50/lb HHW 1/2 or 1/4 Bison purchase

While each animal is a bit different, a typical bull yields a 600# HHW.

For a typical animal, you will pay approximately:

$3000 for a WHOLE Bison portion*

$1650 for a 1/2 Bison portion*

$825 for a 1/4 Bison portion*

*Processing is in addition to the price the ranch charges.

Portion Pricing- The Butcher

Each butcher will have their own pricing, but the basics are the same. You can expect to pay a flat butcher fee, then you pay by the pound for processing. (The HHW determines the amount of time and work the butcher will put in to your animal)

Your processing price is based on your HHW, but it does not end there; your cut selection and packaging choice will also influence the price.

You will pay a bit more for vacuum sealing, there is typically a per pound grinding fee, how many steaks per package will change the price...

Until your animal is processed the exact price cannot be determined. 

If you assume $1/lb you will be in the ballpark, but typically that is high.

Assuming $1/lb, you will pay:

$600 Whole Bison

$300 1/2 Bison

$150 1/4 Bison  



Sowhat do I get?

Hopefully now you have  better understanding of pricing. 

The remaining question is:

What do I get?

Again, as every animal will yield slightly differently, the answer is, as always, it varies.

As an example, here is the yield from a quarter we recently sold:

Spring 2 year old bull: HHW 604

1/4 HHW: 149

1" Steaks

2-3# Roasts

Short ribs

Vac sealed, 1 steak per pck

(Customer did not want liver, heart, tongue)


50# ground

14.18# Steak (23 steaks)

24.11# Roast (8 roasts)

10.71# Ribs (3 packages)

12.4# soup bones (4 packages)

Total freezer yield: 111.4#

Total Freezer MEAT (inc bone in ribs): 99#

Cost for the 1/4  $819.50

Processing: $153.81

Total: $973.31

Cost per pound in the freezer: $8.73

MEAT per pound in the freezer: $9.83*

*Boneless except bone-in short ribs 

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