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Freezer Quantity

Everyone wants to know: "How much meat will I get?"

Short answer: It depends.

A typical fall harvested finished 2 year old bull on our ranch averages around 1200# (live weight). How much of that will end up in your freezer?

Generally speaking 1/3 of the animal's live weight will be processed into cuts. 

That yields about 100# in a quarter, 200# in a half, or 400# in a whole bison.

Don't have room in your freezer? We can help



If "How much meat will I get?" is the first question, "How much will it cost?" is the natural second question.

If you're new to ranch direct purchasing, and are accustomed to buying your meat by the pound at the grocery store, welcome!

Let's be frank: portion pricing can be a bit...confusing.

"Hot Hanging Weight"..."Freezer Meat"..."processing costs" can be a bit much. 

Roughly speaking, you can expect your take-home price per lb in the freezer to be about $9-10/lb.

That's approximately:




(whole animal purchases are discounted!)

These prices will vary based on the individual animal. Pricing for your meat and processing are by the lb. You only pay for what you get.


How do I order?

A bison takes longer to develop than many animals, and isn't ready for harvest until it is two years old or more.

If you are interested in reserving a bulk order, we ask that you reserve by June 1st to ensure we have an animal available for you in the fall. 

A deposit is required for all bulk reservations. Your deposit will be credited towards your order total.

In a typical year, your order should be ready for pickup or delivery by Thanksgiving.

Need it sooner? Planning a family reunion bbq or a wedding feast? Contact us, and we will see what we can do!

(NOTE: Covid 19 has impacted the availability of processing, scheduling processing can be difficult.)

Bison Portions

Buying in bulk adds value and flexibility

We can only think of one thing better than a perfectly prepared bison tenderloin steak: A freezer full of healthy, delicious bison meat. 

Buying bison in bulk, directly from the ranch, allows you to fill your freezer at a much lower price per pound than buying individual cuts. 

With a full freezer, delicious meal options are available right at home.

Depending on how much your family eats, you can expect a bison half to last a year or more.

Information on the benefits of buying in bulk available from the National Bison Association here.

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