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Reserve 1/2 Bison Spring 2024 (Deposit)

Reserve 1/2 Bison Spring 2024 (Deposit)


A 1/2 Bison share will typically be about 180-200 lbs of meat in your freezer. (Approx price $1800 + $250 processing = $2050)*


Your (nonrefundable) deposit ensures your 1/2 bison reservation. (Deposit will be applied to your meat purchase.) Reservations will be filled in the order they are received.


Pricing on 1/2 bison shares is $5.50/lb HHW. You can expect a 1/2 Bison to hang at about 330 lbs (weights will vary!), or about $1815


Processing costs will be about $250 (payable to the locker).


Your total purchase (in late November) will total approx $2050, or about $10.80/lb (pricing will vary, but $10.80/lb in your freezer will be close!)


*Live animal weights will vary. Your price will be based on the HHW (determined by the processor) of your particular animal.

Spring butcher dates are TBD. It always depends on the weather!

    A Whole Bison will provide about 360# of meat.

    Purchasing a 1/2 Bison means you will receive an equal share of all of the cuts that particular bison produces totalling approx 180#. 

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