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"1/8" Portion* 50# Butcher Box
  • "1/8" Portion* 50# Butcher Box


    Our "1/8" Portion is not a true 1/8, but a 50# variety of cuts that allows you to try some delicious bison even if your short on freezer space. A "1/8" is always $500, processing included. You get the portion pricing discount in a smaller package.


    A typical "1/8" includes 25# of ground, a variety of steaks, roasts, ribs, and soup bones.



    * Our true portions are based on hanging weight, and will vary by the individual animal. Our "1/8" is a 50# variety, which approximates a 1/8 portion, but is NOT based on an individual animal. You get a guaranteed 50# minimum selection.

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